Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day Activities

It is cold.  There is snow. Getting out of the the driveway is a bit of a problem.  Does that mean that we are cooped up in the house?  NO WAY!  There is so much fun that can be had just outside in the back yard.

A little disclaimer:  Cold can be dangerous.  Be aware of the dangers of extreme cold and dress children in snow clothes.  What is cold? It depends where you live.  USA Today has an interesting article on how cold is too cold for recess. 

Build a Snowman

Snowman building tips from Zippy:
  1. First make a snowball in your hand.
  2. Pack down the snow hard, but not so hard that the snowball break
  3. After you build the snowman, make sure you fill in the cracks or the snowman might fall over.
  4. After you build a snowman always have hot chocolate. 

Build a Snow Fort

Make blocks by packing snow into a bucket or square plastic container.

Make Snow Angels

Gently fall back into the snow and move your arms and legs up and down.

Go Ice Skating 

Here is a fabulous YouTube video on how to make your very own ice rink in the back yard from superdivamom

Snow Painting

Put water and food coloring into a squeeze bottle.  Kids can squirt designs of all kinds onto the snow.  One better is magic snow paint from the blog Growing a Jeweled Rose.  Hint: it involves vinegar and baking soda.  

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