Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five Moments

1. Zippy's writing topic this week was  the Battle of Hastings.  I was surprised when I found the latest podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class was, you guessed it, on the Battle of Hastings.

2. On our walk to preschool the Little Dude saw a great pile of snow left over from our polar vortex experience last week. He said to me "mom that is a lot of snow".  I had to take a picture.

3. On a bittersweet note.  Our car got hit, again.  It happened in the parking lot at the grocery store, we did not notice until the next morning when I got in the car and realized the passenger door was not working right. Very thankful that it did not happen while we were in the car on the icy roads.  We do not think it was a deer.

4. Have I mentioned recently how much I love All About Spelling?  The sentence dictation is right in line with the classical model of education.

5. The Little Dude had his regular appointment with the endocrinologist at Children's Hospital.  He is such a good sport.  He always has to have blood drawn for the doctor to check levels so they know whether they need to adjust medicine levels as he grows. This time he got up in the big chair by himself, held still while the nurse drew his blood and did not cry at all (he says ouch, ouch, ouch).  I do not know if this make me proud or sad, maybe a little of both.

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