Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with some randomness

This has been a big week what with back to school and all.  My collage for this week is just random bits of life, and some real life learning, all intstagram pics.   {Oh, by the way I love, love, love Instagram you can follow me - I'll probably follow back}

1. We found The Garden Hoard at our local farm market.  They had this amazing selection of heirloom tomatoes.  We bought 4 different varieties to try.  They also sell seeds.  The hubs and I are seriously contemplating starting sees inside next year (which is the only way to grow tomatoes from seed in Michigan).

2. The Little Dude got some fun mail for review.  Fundanoodle has these super big pads of paper that are just the perfect invitation to creativity.  They were hardly out of the box and he wanted to try them.  The review will be coming in October.

3. I spin wool, and knit, and felt and weave and...well you get the idea.  So I was cleaning in the living room and moved my spinning wheel out from its normal spot.  The Little Dude pulled up his rocking chair and begin pushing the treadle (that is the pedal that makes the big wheel go around).  The hubs looks at me and says "This is the child you should teach to spin."

4.  The hubs labored on Labor Day, mowing the lawn.  It does not happen all that often.  I was so thankful.

5. Our Sam's Club has their automotive department right by the exit door.  Since Zippy was itty bitty she and I go over to the stacks and stacks of tires and count them while the hubs takes care of checking out.  This is a highlight of our trip.  Recently the Little Dude has joined us.  Fun real-life learning.

6. That is me.  I almost never post pics of myself.  This is a before picture, you will have to check back next week for the after.

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  1. great week! love that fundanoodle - going to order some!!!

  2. Instagram is fun, isn't it!? I love it, too. :)
    Also, I think it's so cool you have a spinning wheel!


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