Thursday, September 5, 2013

Preschool Zoo Scavenger Hunt

preschool zoo scavenger hunt printable

One of the best things from this summer is our Detroit Zoo membership.  Recently I decided to make a scavenger hunt printable for the kiddos to make the trip to the zoo an even bigger adventure.  The Little Dude especially likes this. He gets so excited when he can match up an animal from the page and gets a sticker to put by it.

I took all the pictures at the zoo.  These are all large land mammals.  I hope to make a series of these scavenger hunts with different themes like birds, reptiles, amphibians, monkeys maybe.  So be on the look out for that.  I think all of the animals are self explanatory except maybe the one in the bottom center, it is a wolverine.   
All of these animals are currently at the Detroit Zoo and may be at another zoo near you.   It is easy to use the scavenger hunt, when you find the animal at the zoo put a check mark or a sticker by it.

preschool zoo scavenger hunt

click here -------> Preschool Zoo Scavenger Hunt <------ to find the pdf file.  It is FREE

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