Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with heat


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Bring on the Heat

If I had to sum up this week in just one word, that word would be HOT.   We had a heat advisory for the whole week.  ug.   This weather really makes me thankful for air conditioning, fans, and ice water.  Of course with the hot, hot, hot weather comes thunderstorms and we've had our share of those too.  The drain for the street is right in front of our house and when it rains bucketfulls at a time it gets gunked up with tree debris and the street floods.  The Little Dude and I like to watch the rain pour down and the big splashes the cars and trucks make as they drive through the water.  When the rain clears off I usually go and clear out the drain with a rake and been splashed myself by cars and trucks driving through the water.

On the Homeschool Front

I went to the Sub Sale to sell some homeschool books that I wanted to get rid of .  It was a complete bust for me in the selling department, but I did find a Saxon 7/6 book for only $7.  I was a super happy camper.  As so many people have said it is a complete review of Arithmetic.  This will be perfect for Zippy to practice what she knows and fill in any gaps she might have before moving on to Algebra next year.  I have only 3 more curriculum books to buy before next year now.  

The Little Dude and I are having so much fun this summer doing preschool. If the employment situation allows, I want to put Little Dude in preschool only a couple of days a week and do more at home.  I've almost finalized my curriculum for him as well. This week he cut straws, which was super fun and just right for his scissor level.

Periodically we have family game night.  A favorite is Fluxx.  It is a card game, so it is compact and can go on a road trip.  In the game the rules change and every game is a lot of fun.  There are lots of little quirks and it keeps everyone thinking.    

Moment of Joy

We do not have air conditioning in our car.  Did I mention it was hot?  So all the windows get rolled down.  This makes the back seat a little bit windy.  Zippy said it was akin to a roller coaster.  Here is Little Dude's reaction:

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  2. How awesome to find that Saxon book for $7!

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