Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - With the Real Life Farm

The Little Dude's pre-school class went to the Real Life Farm in Canton Michigan on Friday.  It was a wonderful experience.  Just enough for the little ones to learn about the farm without being overwhelming.  Lots of great hands-on experiences.

Farmer Don is so great with the kids.  He captures their attention and teaches them all about the farm in a simple way they understood.  First thing he let us know what we were doing for the day.  On the schedule: a hay ride, a horseback ride and time in the barn doing, ahem, chores. 

First the hay ride:

Then riding a horse.  Little Dude didn't really want to ride the horse.  He got to ride the biggest horse.  The Farmer was so patient with the Little Dude letting him pet the horses leg, then touching the horses nose, then finally getting up on the saddle.  He rode all the way around the circle all by himself (the horses were led).  

We ate a sack lunch (leftover pizza yum) in the picnic area outside.

Then we spent some time in the barn where the children got to pet goats, kids, sheep, lambs, piglets, rabbits, kittens, cows and a calf.  They also got to bottle feed baby goats, and grain feed goats and sheep.  And the capstone activity milking a cow.  We parents got to make butter out of buttermilk too.  

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