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See the Light {A Review}

Quick art project with lots of great art appreciation and application.

See the Light - Dreams of Joseph

The Essentials - What you need to know
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The Review

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See the Light produces a series of nine DVDs each with an art project.  Each project is drawn from a famous artist.  We reviewed Dreams of Joseph, an art project based on the art of Marc Chagall.  Each DVD features master artist Pat Knepley, who leads the student through the project. 

Each DVD in the series also features biblical content.  The Dreams of Joseph talks about Joseph in the Old Testament.  Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob who gifted his son with a fancy coat of many colors.   Joseph had dreams and visions.  The art project focused in on the dreams of Joseph in the style of Chagall. 

The DVD was broken into four lessons. Each lesson
was about a half hour long.  The first lesson was an introduction to Chagall, his life and art.  Pat also told the story of Joseph and explained the project, detailing the supplies needed and started the very first part.   I liked that Pat talked about Chagall.  This would be a great introduction or capstone to an in depth artist's study.  The next three lessons led the student through the process to complete the project.  Explaining and demonstrating each step of the way.

We worked on this project through a week doing one part per day.  We were in a little bit of a hurry because the project had to be done before Zippy's surgery.  She loved doing it.  She eagerly looked forward to the next lesson every day.  And the final product is going in a frame on the wall.

We could not figure out a good working space for Zippy in front of the TV so I played the DVD on my computer on the table while she worked.  Pat was very open in how the student was to follow along.  Either they could watch the whole section then do the painting or they could paint as she painted.  Zippy choose the later.  The segments are less than 30 minutes watching straight through, but it took Zippy 45 minutes to an hour to complete each because she paused the DVD to complete what she was working on.

Based on our experience with the Dreams of Joseph DVD I would recommend this DVD series to anyone who wishes to learn a little bit about famous artists and do a little art.


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