Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekly Round Up - the one with a stay in the hospital

Today I feel almost normal again.  It took a week.

A week ago the Little Dude was not feeling so hot, well actually he was feeling very hot, with a fever.  Yep, he had the flu.  I thought he was doing ok Friday afternoon, with the Motrin.  So I left him with a friend while I took a subbing job.  An hour in she called me and said the Little Dude lost his cookies and was looking not good.  We did some creative job switching and I went to get him and took him to emergency room.  Tests, an IV, and several hours later it was confirmed that yes, he did have the flu.  His sodium numbers looked good but they wanted to keep him overnight for observation.

Sunrise over the Motor City from the 6th floor
The next day his sodium numbers began to decline.  Then we all figured out, hey the Little Dude is eating a very different diet, a healthy diet, not a salty diet.  So after some Gatorade, hunter sausage, and Doritos (and another night and day in the hospital) his numbers started to increase again.  He is feeling much better, but it takes longer than I like to recover from the sleepless nights staying with him.

On the homeschool front this week was sporadic.  No big projects.  But we got some great mail though.

I have been so blessed the TOS Review Crew this year.  Trying out new curriculum and writing reviews.  But my very favorite part is getting stuff both in my mailbox and my inbox.

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