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Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder App {A Review}

A fun, flexible timeline tool.
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Timeline Builder App 

The Essentials - What you need to know

The Review

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The Timeline Builder app for the ipad (it is not available for the ipod or the iphone) is a versatile tool that can be used along side any history curriculum or project.  This app allows the user to create timelines for any period of time.  This tool can be used across a wide expanse of time like a whole curriculum or it can be used for a brief period of time.  The user names each new timeline, gives it a description, chooses the background and chooses beginning and ending dates. The app gives the option of BCE/CD or BC/AD when choosing dates.
It is easy to add events to the timeline.  The user names the event and gives a description.  Then chooses starting date and ending date, similar to the creating the timeline itself.  Then the user can upload a photo to go along with the entry.  The user has a choice to upload a saved photo from their library or import a copied photo from the pasteboard.  Each entry has a "search Wikipedia" button where the user is whisked off to Wikipedia were the event name is used as a search term.  When the event is saved to the timeline, the entry shows a thumbnail size of the photo, with the event title and dates.  The events are highlighted on the the actual line.  To access the information the user simply double taps on the entry.  Events can be moved around on the page to make a visually pleasing timeline.

The timeline can be shared.  Timeline itself can be saved as a photo or emailed as can the individual event images.  The event descriptions and images can also be saved for file sharing in iTunes.

We used this timeline app along side two different history curriculum.  First we used it with Story of the World Volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer.  Zippy used the timeline app to plot out the main events and people that have already been covered.  Then as she moved forward she entered names and dates as she encountered them in the text. This did two things, it allowed her to review the information she already studied, and it showed her that different events, important events were happening at the same time in different parts of the world.

Secondly, we are in the process of  reviewing a lapbook on Twentieth Century in America  from Homeschool in the Woods.  As Zippy completes a booklet she is plotting the important events on her timeline.  When she is done, I will have her compare her timeline to the one included in the pack.

I think this timeline app is a fantastic tool for organizing any kind of information in a linear fashion not just historical timelines.  You could use this for genealogical research, books read, books written in order by a particular author, wedding planning or project timeline. It is a really great value for a small price.


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