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Progeny Press Eagle of the Ninth Study Guide {A Review}

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Study guides for literature from a Christian perspective.

Study Guide for Eagle of the Ninth 

The Essentials - What you need to know

  • Company: Progeny Press 
  •   Study Guide for the book Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Stucliff
  • Age Range: grades 5-8
  • This product is only the study guide for the book.  The book is not included.  This product is available in three forms:
    • Printed booklet - $18.99
    • CD - $16.99
    • Instant Download (pdf file) - $16.99

The Review

 photo a64736b13871cd6e873942_m_zps5e484c2e.jpg In the note to Instructor the Progeny Press Study Guides are "designed to help students better understand and enjoy literature by getting them to notice and understand how authors craft their stories and to show them who to think through themes and ideas introduces in the stories." The guide followed through on that promise.  It took a wonderfully written story and unpacked the writing, themes and ideas.

After the introduction, a brief synopsis  and a note on the author there are some pre-reading ideas to put the student in the time and space of when the story takes place, in this case Roman Briton in AD 119. The study guide is organized into sections of 3 chapters each.  They employ an inductive study to the book, suggesting that students read the whole novel over the course of a week to get the scope of the whole story.  Then students work on one study guide page per day using the book for close reading and reference   

Each section begins with a vocabulary activity. Each section approached vocabulary words in a slightly different way.  Then there are questions that work from surface reading comprehension, through to thinking deeply about the story.  First reading comprehension questions that simply ask the what, where, when questions about the events of the story. Then there is a section called thinking about the story.  This is where the student is asked the why questions.  It also introduces different
 writing devices and asks the student to explore how the author uses them.   Next there is a section called dig deeper. The students are asked to apply ideas and concepts to their own lives.  The study carefully leads the student to think about ideas in a profound way.  Students are asked to look up scripture verses to help them think about the words, actions of the people in the story.  Last in each section of the study is an invitation to go even further either through class discussion or optional activities.  

At the end of the whole study there is an overview, which could be used as a final assessment  and a list of additional resources, including non-fiction books, additional fiction books of a similar time period and movies. 

We reviewed the digital downloaded product, a pdf file.  The pdf file was equipped with the ability to type and save data in the file, which I really like as it saves on paper.  This book is a new one for me, I had not read it prior to this study guide.   The story, just at face value was an engrossing tale for both myself and Zippy.

Doing the study as we read the story was beneficial to Zippy.  I knew that she could not read this whole novel by herself in a week.   I do understand how having a global understanding of the story would be useful especially when it comes to studying the writing itself.  Going over the story twice would lead to a greater comprehension.  I did a mixture of  Zippy reading to herself, I reading aloud, answering orally, discussions, and writing.  In the end we found a combination of reading, writing and discussion was the best. We still ended up doing a section a week.  The first day Zippy wrote out the vocabulary.  The second day I  read aloud all three chapters, at one sitting if I could, while she drew pictures, illustrating the story.  This helped her focus and remember more.  Then on the third and fourth days we discussed and she wrote answers to the questions.  The only thing I would change about this study is to break it up chapter by chapter, rather than three chapter chunks.  

I really liked that everything was laid out and the study guide really did not require any preparation on my part as I read through the book with Zippy and had the answer key for the questions.  I would recommend these to homeschool students and parents.  It would also be useful in a classroom setting.  


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  1. We always enjoy these guides. I try to incorporate a few into our school year and I'm always excited when I get to review one.


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