Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with a birthday

What an exciting week this has been.

Started off with a boat:

Tonight is the pre-school's annual rain gutter regatta.  That is where the kids finish a sail boat (just like the ones the boy scouts use).  Then they race their boats in rain gutters powered by their breath.  Yep they blow their boats right to the finish line.  With a carry-in dinner before the big race it is a real opportunity to fellowship with the other parents and kids.  The Little Dude had a great time sanding and painting with his Dad. Sadly he is not going tonight because he has a really nasty cold and fever, but he still had a great time making the boat.  I volunteered to help out, so I am still going (possible pictures to follow).

Wednesday was a Birthday:

Little Dude turned four.  He had a fun adventure day.

Preschool in the morning with a special brownie snack.  Then McDonalds for lunch and a special present.

I couldn't resist this picture.  It looks like such a commercial. 

Then we went to the zoo.  Do you know the best time to go to the zoo?  The middle of the week when it is wet.

We had the whole place to ourselves. It was so great we got to spend time in the seal tunnel, this is the Little Dude's favorite place in the whole Zoo.  It is also inside, which was a huge incentive.

On the homeschool front, this trip to the Zoo worked out well as a field trip.  Zippy read about true seals in her science book just that morning.  She was our expert guide as we watched them swim around.

We ended the day with fire.  Now Little Dude has no desire whatsoever to eat the brownies.  He really does not like sweet things.  But blowing out candles, now that is a whole different thing.  We used every candle in the package and he blew them out three times.

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