Thursday, June 19, 2014

Motor Muster

Last weekend was crazy!  Zippy went camping and canoeing with her American Heritage Girls troop.  There are no photos but I heard that she had a wonderful time. There were pit toilets, a raccoon, and they cooked hot dogs by putting them in a milk cartons and setting them on fire (I'm sure there was more to that one).  They also went canoeing and fell out of the canoe, on purpose.  I do not see how any of this can be qualified as a good time, but I am so very grateful that there are good women who do and share that love with my daughter.

While Zippy was off having a fabulous time in the woods, the Little Dude and I were left at home.  I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to ride the train.  So he and I headed over to Greenfield Village.  It was Motor Muster.  That is where all the vintage cars and hot rods line the streets.  It was a beautiful, sunny day so there was about a bizillion people, but that was ok.

We did go on the train...and the (carousel) horses...and the pedal cars that they have out special for the Motor Muster.  We also saw some sheep, cows and lots and lots of cars.  

The Village stayed open much later than usual so we went back with the hubs when he got off from work.  We rode the train and carousel again, and looked at lots and lots of cars.  I don't really understand the whole looking at the engine thing, but I do like some of the hood ornaments. Oh, and we got ice cream from an old fashioned Good Humor truck (I don't think Little Dude let any fall in the hub's hair).

This is my favorite picture of the whole day:

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