Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Round Up - The Big Birthday and more

The Husband turned 40 this week past. That was just beginning of the week.  

He wanted to go to a certain amusement park to celebrate. 

He loves roller coasters.  I hate roller coasters.  It makes absolutely no sense for me to pay to not ride roller coasters.  So he took Zippy, the nephews {well 2 of them anyway} and his sister. They had fun.


The Little Dude and I stayed home and had adventures of our own.

We celebrated with some yummy cupcakes the next day. (Thanks Mom for the raspberries!)

I think I've mentioned before that the Little Dude really, really, really, really likes to blow out the candles.

We celebrated the nephew's birthday too.  He was due on the Hubs birthday, but showed up a few days early.  - I love this picture - 

Monday Zippy and I went to the Titanic exhibit at The Henry Ford.  It was interesting.  My only complaint was that there was absolutely no photos allowed.  I was bummed.  But I caught a pic of Zippy outside the exhibit with her "boarding pass" and ticket. 

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