Friday, September 28, 2012

Pre-School Field Trip {Apple Orchard}

It was a beautiful Autumn day to go out to the apple orchard.  We had a wonderful time with the Little Dude's class as we learned all about how apples grow (and yummy cider).

Sadly this year Michigan lost about 90% of the apple crop this year.

{Interesting Fact: Michigan is the third largest producer of apples in the United States}

With the loss of the apple crop it makes all things apple much more expensive.  It also makes finding an orchard to do a class field trip to learn how apples grow really difficult.  Little Dude's teacher persevered and she found Kreps Apple Barn, this adorable little (well 1200 trees) family owned orchard.

There was:
Cider and doughnuts {that I was too busy eating and drinking to take a pic, but they were delicious}
A story about Johnny Appleseed and pictures to color.

 A fantastic straw play area, with a slide and everything.  While these pics make it look like Liam was alone, there were 25+ of his classmates on the field trip too.

And a hayride - with some really interesting facts - to pick apples.

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