Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Civil War Story

Over Memorial Day Weekend Greenfield Village hosts its annual Civil War Remembrance.  We like to go to remember and reminisce about re-enacting.  (The husband and I met and were married at a French and Indian War re-enacting event.)  It is also a great time to get some interesting photos and learn a little history. 

I came across this tattered flag flying (and was a little horrified truth be told).  There was a gentleman there in a Union Army uniform talking to another photographer, so I asked him why was he flying this flag that was obviously in bad repair.  He answered that this flag was the replica of the flag that was flown by the Michigan 24th Infantry in the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Michigan 24th was a regiment of men primarily from Detroit and Wayne County.  They answered the call to arms after the 23 regiments that President Lincoln had formed in response to a rumor that Detroit men didn't believe in the war effort because they had not signed up.  Anyway, the Michigan 24th was put into the famous "Iron Brigade" to swell the ranks after causalities had taken their toll on the regiments from Wisconsin and Indiana that made up this uniquely "western" brigade.  In the Battle of Gettysburg they fought against the 26th North Carolina in what was according to "the bloodiest regimental engagement of the bloodiest Civil War battle". 

I'm glad that I leaned this little tid bit of history on Memorial Day weekend, because with the bbqs, pool openings and the unofficial start of summer it is easy to forget what Memorial Day really is, a day to hold in memory those who gave the ultimate price for this country. 

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