Tuesday, April 1, 2014

School Pictures

The bloggy neglect is due strictly to the sheer busyness of life .  As the weather is warming activites are happening with greater frequency.  I want to spend a few days catching you up.  

School Pictures
Last year I did not get pictures at all.  This was rooted in the question of what grade is Zippy in?  This year I wanted to be sure school pictures happened.  

I contacted Bob Brodbeck, a local photographer (who also happens to Zippy's kindergarten teacher's husband). Both kiddos had pictures taken individually and some together.  I was super pleased with the outcome.  He took so many more photos than the usual school pictures, so we came away with several great ones.  

He included all the photos, so not only do I have some wonderful school pics, but also a fun reminder of the experience. 

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