Thursday, May 8, 2014

Zippy is Cracked

An end of year Celebration

We all enjoyed Classical Conversations this past year.  Zippy gains so much knowledge and confidence through the experience.  The last day was full of fun and excitement.  Zippy's speech was a top ten list of things she liked at Classical Conversations

A Top 10 List of Great Things About Classical Conversations, by Zippy

  1. The presentations on food by fellow classmates (these included a pi pie, homemade doughnuts, and beer bread).
  2. My mom tutoring for a day
  3. The family presentations (topics included maple syrup, camping, and India)
  4. A presentation done by sisters including a star poster they made.
  5. A presentation on a bow and arrow by a fellow classmate
  6. The time line song
  7. Playing with others after lunch
  8. Eating lunch at Classical Conversations
  9. Learning new things
  10. Making new friends

The Part where Zippy is cracked

One of the fun aspects of Classical Conversations is the weekly science experiment.  The last two weeks of class was all about building an egg protector and the last day they tested them by dropping first of the grass then on the hard pavement of the parking lot.


Most of the eggs came out intact.  One boy's egg was broken and Ivy's egg was cracked at little bit.

Then there was lunch

One of the things that I love about Classical Conversations is the fellowship.  The last day we had a potluck with lots of great conversation, laughs and tons of healthy food. 

It looks like Zippy will be continuing with Classical Conversations next year with the Challenge program.  It look just about perfect for her needs and she (and I) are looking forward to another outstanding year.

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