Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Round Up - without many photos

It is so sweet when kids are unexpectedly kind. This week Zippy had her annual physical.  I took the Little Dude with us so he could get his flu shot.  I absolutely do not want a repeat of last year's hospital stay if it can be prevented with a simple shot.  Zippy's bribe incentive for not completely melting down at shot time was a Lego mini-figure.  These are one of my favorite incentives because you don't know exactly what you are getting.  It is like a little gift.  Well Zippy preformed admirably, showing her little brother how brave she was getting shots so she got her prize.  Then she turned around and gave it to me because she knows I like bees.  Totally unexpected.

I found an old magnetic white board while I was cleaning and decided to use it for Zippy to write out her memory work.  The hubs attached some legs to the back so it stands up on a table.  The Little Dude thought this was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Asked for it every day.

That was the week, not too many photos.  I need to be at the ready with the phone or the camera more often huh.

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