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Fundanoodle {A Review}

An invitation to creativity and imagination.
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The Essentials - What you need to know
  • Fundanoodle
  • Orange: I Can Doodle 
  • Orange: I Can Do Fun Activities 
  • Age Range:  3+ / Preschool
  • Large writing pads of paper.  I Can Doodle is blank paper with a sticky back.  I Can Do Fun Activities is just that, a fun activity on each page with an accomplishment sticker.   
  • I Can Do Fun Activities $11.99, I Can Doodle $9.99 

The Review

These products are quite simply a beautiful invitation to imagine and create.  They came together in a big box.  We opened the box together and immediately my son wanted to see what it was all about. He was so excited when the gigantic tablets of paper were drawn out of that box.  Well of course he had to jump in!  He wanted to do all the papers, and was so sad when I limited him to just a few at a time.   Somehow the extra large size made these products even more spectacular, more engaging, more inviting.  I love that in this age of electronics a simple tablet of paper can be so exciting.
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We reviewed two different, yet similar products from Fundanoodle.  First there was the Orange I Can Doodle.  This was a big, like 1 1/2 feet by 2 feet big, pad of blank paper.  It has a handle cut into the top of the tablet.  I had a love/hate relationship with this handle.  I love how easy it is to carry around, I hate that every time I remove a piece of paper from the pad it rips right at the handle.  It does not damage the overall use of the pad, it is just annoying.  On the back of each page there is an adhesive strip similar to a sticky note.  The adhesive allows the paper to stick to the wall.  My son enjoyed drawing on the pad on the floor and on  a piece of paper stuck to the wall.  He made many masterpieces with pencils, markers and crayons.  The tablet has 30 sheets of blank paper.

 photo FunActivities_zpsa20f53df.jpgThe second product was the Orange I Can Do Fun Activities! (yes the exclamation point is part of the name).  As the name suggests this is a pre-writing, drawing activity tablet   Each page has a different activity with 40 sheets all together.  The last sheet of the tablet is reward stickers.  Every page includes a round outline that says, "when the {insert activity here} is done have some sticker fun!".  Out of the two products my son had the most fun with the activity sheets.  We did one of two of them each day we did school.  He always requested them.  There were all sorts of activities, drawing horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, matching, tracing outlines, finding, and coloring activities.  This tablet is also huge, 1 1/2 feet square, making the activities all the more fun.
The one thing that really impressed me about both of these products and indeed this company was the thought that was put into them.  On the cover of both products it says that they are occupational therapist developed (and kid approved).  It also explains how using the tablet not only allows kids to have fun, but also how it is helping them build important muscle, visual motor, sensory, and brain skills. On the inside of the cover it goes into more detail of how the products can be used and some of the benefits a child would reap.

I highly recommend these products for children preschool aged(especially with the I Can Do Fun Activities! product) and younger (especially with the I Can Doodle product).



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