Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with an MRI


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We are taking the last two weeks before school begins off.  Mostly I'm frantically planning for the new school year.  Post on what all that entails will be forthcoming.

We always know that fall is just around the corner when it is time to go Children's Hospital for the Little Dude's MRI.  Monday was the big day.  Because of his age he has to be sedated so he will hold still.  Next year, when he is five, he will be eligible for other methods of keeping still - like the cool tv goggles.  I am fervently praying that they let him.  The sedation makes me the most anxious.  Last year they had to give him extra during the procedure because he started to move, so this year they wanted to give him "real" anesthesia.  Basically it is a different medicine, but the beauty is that they gave him less.  In past years he was groggy and slept for most of MRI day.  This time it was just like he was waking up from a nap. He was totally fine for the rest of the day.  (Bottom two pics on the left side)

The kiddos also got postcards from Granddad who is in Yellowstone. The kids love getting mail.  Little Dude kept saying "look bear".   I've began {again} to try to get fit, so I am trying to walk every day.  One day I realized that I had not taken my walk and the hubs and Zippy were at a softball game.  I took the Little Dude with me.  He was very into rocks.  He even stopped to rest for a second on a big rock by the side of the street.  He also notice every pebble and rock along the way. Occasionally he would pick one up carry it for a while then set it down again a few blocks later.  He said "bye rock", then he would pick up another and do the same.

And the birthday countdown continues.  You know the funny thing is I remember doing this very same thing at her age.

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  1. LOve the birthday countdown! Have a wonderful weekend! Oh and I cant wait someday to visit Yellowstone!

  2. I hope your little dude is ok. I'll have to stalk your blog to get caught up on his story. Birthdays are awesome :).

  3. Hi Holly - I remember an MRI my little guy had when he was just 8 months old... I was so anxious about seeing my baby sedated like that. So, I understand your feelings. I'm so glad he did well and will pray next year he can go with no sedation.

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!


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