Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

This is a very special blog post just for my Dad!  I forgot to mail out a card, I don't know if it would get to him anyway so I am going to spend a few moments here to honor my Dad.

10 Things I love about my Dad:

10.  He taught me how to drive a manual car.

9.  He likes history, especially WWII history - and John Wayne movies.

8. Deviled eggs, BBQ chicken, and oyster dressing

7. Really corny jokes.

6. My husband thinks he is easy going, nice and easy to talk to.

5.  His love of travel and adventurous spirit.

4. His great construction skills.  {I love my coat rack}

3. He has an exciting job.

2. He is a great storyteller.

1. The little wooden rabbit.

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