Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with turtles

Well this was a fun filled week of learning.

This week in science Zippy learned about sea snakes, frogs, and turtles.  There was a great hands on activity.  This would be a fun one for anyone.  She was provided with the lengths of 3 different sea turtles - something anyone could pull off the internet or a good encyclopedia.   Then she drew them, actual lengths, with sidewalk chalk.  You must draw the Leatherback, it is huuuuge, like tonnage huge.

The Little Dude got in on the sidewalk chalk too.

The weather this week was just beautiful!  The flowers are blooming and the grill is grilling.

Some of these pictures were taken with instagram.  I love, love, love instagram!  Follow me at hollyoshesky

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  1. Sidewalk chalk is so much fun. We have not had it out this spring.


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