Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY Toy Project: Plastic Lids

Little Dude has a problem with low sodium.  To keep his sodium levels up he takes salt twice a day, eats a salty diet and drinks Gatorade.  A while ago I decided to start saving the lids, thinking there must be some way to reuse them creatively.  We have a lot of lids.

Turn Plastic Lids into fun Learning Tools

This took about five minutes to make and cost me nothing because I had a gift card from one of the big box craft stores.  

Foam Letter Stickers
Plastic Lids

Stick the stickers on the lids.  I just gave them to the Little Dude because he likes to sort, count and organize.  They could also be used as stamps although we haven't yet.

Extra bonus for me. The letter stickers were not completely punched out so there was lot of scrap foam stickers that the Little Dude used to decorate his box.

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