Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Round Up - more like two weeks

Last Friday I was deep in despair for my poor computer.  It would not charge.  A week, and a new charging cord later we are up and running again.  Yay.  So here is my round up of events and fun moments for the last two weeks.

All of these pictures were taken with instagram.  I love, love, love instagram!  Follow me at hollyoshesky

The mole that is no more

On the 15th Zippy had a mole removed. I was very proud of her.  She was very brave. Managed the pain really well and wanted to get back to her old routine quickly.  Skin grafts are tricky apparently.  Cannot get wet (read no sprinkler, no pool, no shower without a trash bag on her hand).  Cannot make a fist (read cannot ride bike).  Three more weeks or so until she is cleared for regular activities.  She is a little bummed but trying to put on a good face. Thursday we got to see it and she got a lighter dressing that has to be changed every day.  She cried a little bit because it is ugly - I'll spare you the stitches photos, although there are some.

The Weather

Our weather has been weird menopausal (?) .  Cold, hot, cold, hot.  Air conditioning for three days, then today, I probably should turn on the heat.  The great thing about the hot weather is getting out the grill.  The hubs is such a creative cook.  He came up with super yummy fajitas.  He marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast in fajita seasoning then grilled them on the grill.  When those were done he popped the tortillas on the grill.  Served with cheddar cheese, yellow peppers, tomatoes and sour cream it was so yummy.

 On the homeschool front

We are winding down and wrapping up.  We finished up science with a chapter on aquatic dinosaurs and another trip to the driveway to marvel at the size of the head of one of them. Their teeth were the size of a banana.

While Zippy was working on her dinosaur head. I was planting my front flower bed.  That is one of the distinct advantages of homeschooling.  Every warm morning this week I was outside working in the yard, and Zippy read on the porch. 

I did not leave out the Little Dude.  It was warm on the mornings he had pre-school.  He still had loads of fun in the sun.  Trying out the tricycle, and of course walking - and exploring - to school every day. 

And one last gratuitous photo. Seriously, I want sleep to be as fun as a roller coaster  wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.  

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