Monday, May 27, 2013

K is for Summer Kick Off

Happy Memorial Day.  It is the unofficial start of summer.   Lots of people are gearing up for the end of the school year by making summer bucket lists.  I've made a list or two myself in the past.

Let us Kick Off this summer!

This summer we are going to have a simple summer also known as the summer of open play.  No checklists, no challenge, just simple opportunities for imaginations to run free.  

What is free play?  It is not just saying "go outside kids", but providing opportunities for play.  {And free play isn't just for kids either.}

Some examples of free play are:

Water play



Even a Simple Cardboard Box

A big thanks to Marcy over at Ben and Me for the idea for the letter K.  I could not think of anything.   Yep I'm also linking up with Marcy's Blogging through the Alphabet.
Blogging Through the Alphabet

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