Monday, May 13, 2013

I for I-Pad Apps

Top six iPad apps for tots and tweens.

Little Dude's Top Three iPad apps

1. Tea Party by Toca Boca   Cost $2.99, but there is an An open ended game that allows the child choices of table cloth, beverage, food and other things.  We love all the games by Toca Boca.  When I am in need of a diversion for the Little Guy this is my go-to game.  He can play this for an hour.  His big sister can play with him too.

2. Letter School - Cost $2.99 but there is a free Lite Version This is the Little Dude's new favorite game, but it isn't a game.  It is learning how to write letters.  He loves it.  There are so many fun surprises as the child identifies and learns to write his letters. There are three letter sets and two levels that lead the child to greater and greater independence in writing.  

3. Fish School by Duck Duck Moose Cost - $1.99 Another app that allows the child to play around with the alphabet, numbers and colors too.  It also has nice music, a plus for mom.

Zippy's Top Three iPad apps

1. Mittens by Disney  Cost $.99 (there are also optional in game purchases).  The user has to get the cat from point A to point B.  Lots of problem solving and physics.  

2. Where's My Water by Disney Cost $.99  (there are also optional in game purchases).  Another physics based game, the user solves water based problems. 

3. Candy Crush by King Cost Free (there are optional in game purchases).  This is a math them up game.  Lots of different kind of puzzles based on the match three.  There are several kinds of goals.  Really addictive, we all are playing this in our free time.  

I am blogging through the alphabet with Marcy over at Ben and Me. 

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  1. Now I feel really good about my Candy Crush addiction. Thanks! ;)

    We also love Where's My Water and all the Toca Boca games.


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