Friday, March 15, 2013

Learning Together Hands On Math for Tots and Tweens

It is sometimes challenging to find things that both my Tot and my Tween can do together as school.  But I thought maybe by using the same manipulatives, but age appropriate content, they could learn together.

Rainbow Hands On Math for Big and Little Kids

The Manipulative

Fruit Loops
(It was on sale, I really, really like it as a sweet snack, and it was rainbow colors)

I made some FREE PRINTABLES to go with this actives.  The printables are both pdfs. 


This is all about counting and sorting.  Pour a small bowl of Fruit Loops.  Using the grid to sort the o's by color, then count them.  Ask more/less/same questions.  Like is there more red or green?  Is there less of green or purple?  

You can also use the grid to play a dice counting game with.  The grid has 60 squares.  Roll the dice count out the number of o's and put them on the grid.  This helps tots not only with counting, but also one-to-one correspondence. 


For Zippy I made a fraction/decimal/percent worksheet.  

Pour out a small bowl of Fruit Loops.  Count out the total number (that's the denominator).  Then find the fractional number of each color.  Then change the fraction into a decimal and percent.  You can check the work at the bottom to see if each column adds up to 1 or 100%.  For extra math fun there is a blank space at the top to graph the findings. 


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