Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Where exactly did the week go?

Wow, it's Friday.  Here is a wrap up of the week:

In my life this week:
Catch up.  Catch up.  Ketchup.  I lost last week to the hospital, so all the things that I had planned to do last week and all the things I planned to do this week all somehow had to happen together.  Plus an extra blood draw (and trip to McDonald's for being such a brave boy) and doctor appointment for Little Dude.  I think I can almost see the bottom of the laundry pile and the kitchen counters are in sight.  I was so proud of myself yesterday, I wore matching socks and makeup.

In Our Homeschool This Week:
This week we started doing daily grammar and daily writing from Schoolhouse Teachers (fantastic website, review later this week).  We are also listening to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, narrated by Tim Curry.  We are doing this in the evenings as a whole family.  I was inspired by a geography lesson on industrial England, and Christmas.

What is Working/Not Working:
 Looking at what is important and what is busy.  I am struggling with grade levels and work loads with Zippy.  Where I want her to be and where she is - and the amount of work she does/doesn't want to do - is frustrating.  I need to sit down, get real, and map out some nitty gritty, 3Rs kind of learning. Take a hard look at where Zippy really is, where she needs to go and how to get there. 

Places We are Going:
Last night Zippy and I went to the Christmas Potluck for the homeschool co-op we were involved in this fall.  Zippy was part of a girls chorus.  There were seven girls, Zippy the youngest, who sang, acapella, in harmony, just beautifully.  It was a lovely night of fellowship with other homeschool families.

Completely not homeschool related do you get someone to take salt?  Part of Little Dude's treatment for the low sodium is to take a specific amount of salt a day.  He does not like it. at. all.  We've tried it in food, water, straight on a spoon.  Nothing works. Matthew 5:13 keeps coming to mind "If salt loses it saltiness..." There really isn't anything to disguise the taste.  All suggestions welcome.

I'm Grateful:
1. That I am not in a hospital room with my son this morning.
2. For those people who have come along side with meals and encouragement just when we needed it most this week. 

I'm Praying:
For all those children who have a more difficult time than we do and their moms and dads.  Whenever I am tempted to complain about our situation I see children, particularly at the hospital, with issues that seem just enormous and then I see their parents who care for them with strength and love and I am humbled.

This quote has been bobbing around in my brain a lot this week:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

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  1. Yikes! It sounds like you had QUITE a week! So sorry to read that there was a hospital visit in there! :(

    Salt? Hmm....I think that's a hard one as most of us are trying to LIMIT it. What about pretzels? Or corn chips? I guess they've tried food though.

    All the best with your goals for Zippy. I'm kinda in the same boat here with my 2 youngest (for different reasons and subjects/skills). It can be tricky!

  2. Great quote! Thanks for sharing. I needed that today!
    I'm sorry you had such a difficult week. I'll be praying for your family!

    Stopping by from the Crew!

  3. Adding salt is a tough one, especially if you don't want to increase the sugar amount to much (as salted camarel and chocolate are my favorites). Does it have to be straight salt content? Maybe looking up what has high salt content like I heard celery has high sodium.


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