Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Round-Up - the unexpected

I had a plan. A plan for this blog. A plan to transform this blog into an advent winter wonderland, with a virtual Advent Calendar, crafts and family fun galore.  There was a chart.  There was a calendar.  There was a detailed plan with notes.

And then this happened:

Yes that is a hospital gown.  We went into the emergency room on Monday with stomach flu and dehydration where they found {Thank God} his sodium levels were critically low.  After a day in the ICU we were moved to a room where they expected the levels to remain at the appropriate level, but they dropped. So they ran some tests, ruled out one thing and another but his sodium just wouldn't behave.   The doctors don't understand the why, they are researching and working out a treatment to keep the level constant.

So what does this mean for our homeschooling this week?  Two things: I am so thankful for Time4Learning.  It allowed Zippy to continue on with her work while I was at the hospital with Little Dude.  We touched base when I went home for a couple hours in the evening.  The other thing is something that the Little Dude's doctor said when we were discussing what she thought might be the issue she said to me, "I don't know but I'm going to do some research to find out the answer."  Then she said something that got me thinking.  She said "When I was in medical school A teacher told me: learn what is common, because that will help you do your job day to day.  Learn what will kill quickly, because there isn't time to do research. Then learn how to find out the information you need."  Learning how to learn is one of the great lessons this brilliant doctor took away from her education and isn't that the greatest gift we can give our children?

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