Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap - Up {in pictures}

We have been crazy, crazy around here this week. Running every which way but up.  My goal was to take a photo every day to capture those little moments of life, almost made it.

Sunday:  We've fallen into a new tradition. After lunch on Sunday we head over to Greenfield Village to walk around for an hour as a family.  Of course we have to ride the carousel too.

Monday: I fell into bed with no photos taken.  Very sad.

Tuesday: Apparently I left my Didymium glass out.  I wear these glasses when I work with the torch to do lampwork glass.  Little Dude makes quite the fashion statement with them.

Wednesday:  Zippy started an Elections Unit by Amanda Bennett this week.  It is a lot more writing then she is used to, but she is getting through is and learning a lot.

Thursday:  Celebrated my Sister-in-Law's birthday.  I have to say this is the best cake ever.  So much personality.

Friday:  In addition, to all the regular craziness I helped out this week at a local Christian School with our state's standardized testing.  I have to say I do not miss waking up for school five days a week.  But we got through it this week, and I say that deserves a yummy pumpkin doughnut from our local bakery. 

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