Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cleaning Challenge

Some women are really good at keeping a home, a nurturing, welcoming place of rest, where people want to be.  I'm not.  But...I am learning that keeping a home, especially with the homeschool element is vitally important.  Home has become less of a place to come to and more of a place to be.  That is why I decided to take the 31 Days to Clean Challenge.

This wonderful little e-book is absolutely fabulous!  It would be a bargain at a much higher price than it is currently.  The thing that I like the most is the way Sara Mae deals with the why of cleaning not just the how, and offers daily exercises, not just in scrubbing and picking up, but also the spiritual aspect of keeping a home.

One of the first challenges that she set was to come up with a mission or vision for homekeeping, a reason to keep on with the mundane tasks even when they are are boring.  Here is mine.

I want to create an environment of visual peace, to enable capable study and comfortable living for the whole family. 

If you would like to join the challenge check it out on the Joyful Mothering blog

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  1. Congratulations! Love the mission statement! I am finally getting mine on a Word program and sprucing it up. I need to hang it on the clean fridge and remind myself many time throughout the day WHY I'm doing this.


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