Friday, April 8, 2011

3 in 30 - April Week 2 Check in

Making Progress

Just a reminder the goals are:

  1. Home - Keep the table and desks clear
  2. Homeschool - Develop a more comprehensive idea/program for the Little Dude .  
  3. Business - Get my work area cleaned and organized.
This week I really focused on goals 1 and 3.

Goal one is all about consistency, and while I wasn't perfect with it, the mess that can build up on those two hot spots didn't get too desperate.

Goal three is definitely a work in progress.  I am going to turn my office (which has turned into to a ginormous pile) in to my studio (which is totally awesome).  I got one desk completely cleared and stocked for cutting glass.

The rest of the room...well it is something to work on.


  1. We have a tendency for hot spots as well. It is a constant battle!

  2. Way to go! Hot spots can really get out of control fast! Keep at it!


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