Friday, April 1, 2011

Tot Time - Books and Shapes

Little Dude is 23 months old

This week happened a little more organically than the last few.  Because I have been dealing with his big sister's schooling a little more this week I did not have the time to put in the planning for Little Dude's week, however he found some great leaning opportunities all on his own, I just encouraged them a little bit.

The Little Dude loves books.  He has loved books since he was old enough to sit up and hold them.  One of his favorite activities is to sit (in a bookshelf - I really wish I had a picture) next to my chair while I am working on the computer and look at books.  Well, this week he decided that sitting next to me was not enough, he wanted to sit with me and look at books.  So since he was in my lap anyway, I read him the books he brought.  He thought this was the greatest thing.  He especially likes the counting books.  He points at the numbers and I say them.  

One of the greatest toys ever invented is the Shape-O toy by Tupperware.  I have entertained scores of children in the church nursery with this toy.  The Little Dude found ours this week.  The shapes are scattered in the toy box, but this turned out to be a good thing.  We started with just one shape, the circle, he figured out where it should go.  The we took it out and he did it again.  After about 20 or so times, I went to try to find some more shapes.  I found two more, the star and the trapezoid, and we played the game again, and again, every day.  

Today being the beginning of the month, I really want to make some Tot-Time goals, more focused, structured time with the Little Dude, a monthly theme (April is Spring), and find some benchmarks/evaluations to see what he can and should be able to learn at his age.  I am continually amazed at his abilities and aptitude. 
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  1. My youngest is 20 months-love to see what other kids close to his age are doing! He has the bluest eyes!

  2. You have such a cute tot. My little lady loves her shape sorter too. We actually have a few different ones now because she likes them so much!


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