Friday, March 11, 2011

Tot School - Getting Ready

When I first encountered the idea of tot school, I did not like the idea at all.  I am a big believer in not rushing,  but then I did some reading.  Tot school is not, not, not about rushing, it is about giving the young child meaningful, fun activities to enjoy.

Then I did some more reading on how to go about doing tot school.  That is when I got really excited.  I saw so many great ideas and thought to myself "The Little Dude would totally love this."  So we are going to do it.  He already likes to play at school while his sister is doing her school work at the table.  This usually consists of a pencil and paper, or a board book.  This would just build on that.

We are going to do this s.l.o.w.l.y.  More for my sake than for his. What with sorting out Zippy's curriculum and starting this blog, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.  One or two activities a week is my goal.  This week we are going through what we have and seeing what will work.  Already I know I have
  • dry beans 
  • containers of all sorts and sizes
  • art supplies
  • pasta
I am going to organize them in a closet (an ongoing organization project) and go from there.  The Little Dude's Birthday is coming up next month and I hope to get one or two learning toys then as well.

I found two blogs that are super helpful, full of so many great ideas and inspiration.

1+1+1=1 and Shannon's Tot School (who has the best tag line ever)

For now I am gathering and organizing, preparing for a great time with my Little Dude, who is, for now playing:

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