Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Calder Dairy Farm

We had a lovely adventure at Calder's Dairy Farm near Carleton, Michigan.  It is a real, working farm without a whole lot of frills. They do have a viewing room for their milk parlor where onlookers can see the farmhand (singular) usher the cows into their bay, then go through process of hooking up the milking machines. After the machine has completed it's work and falls off the cow, the farmhand finished up and allowed the cows to go their merry way.  Cows are really big animals.  I think there is value in showing children just how big a cow or horse is.  These cows were so patient and knew exactly what they were doing.  They milled in a pen just outside of the milking parlor, then, when they were let in, ambled to their spot with no encouragement whatsoever from the young lady (singular) who was handing the machines.  It was amazing. 

They also had a novelty farm, with donkeys (don't pet those), goats, pigs, and a turkey.

Additionally a whole menagerie of animals roamed the public yard.  There were chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, and even a peacock and peahen.  Zippy, who has a real fondness for all animals, especially enjoyed feeding these animals with pellets that we bought for a quarter a handful.

It is free to walk around the farm and observe the milking.  They do give guided tours to groups for a cost and there is a farm store where they sell ice cream and other milk related products.  They also have a creamery in Lincoln Park, Michigan where they also sell super yummy ice cream and the best cheese making and butter making milk out there. One an interesting note, Calder Dairy still delivers milk in glass bottles to homes across southeast Michigan.  For more information on the Dairy, check out their website:

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