Saturday, October 15, 2016

An outrageous cider mill visit

Went to our favorite cider mill.  Got super yummy cider - this year they had a bumper crop of apples so cider is buy one get one half off. We also got pictures of the kiddos.  This setting had such potential. 

In case you were wondering how many shots it takes to get a good picture of these yahoos. 

The answer is more than five. 

After the cider mill we went to one of our favorite resteraunts, Lyon Cantina - yes Liam hummed the Cantina music from Star Wars. Dan and I decided to split an entree called the Outrageous Chimichanga.  

 It is hard to understand perspective from this shot.  Seriously, it is the size of a meatloaf. It was super tasty too.  Next time we are just going to order this for the whole family. 


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