Tuesday, August 9, 2016

whew what a week

Last week was so crazy it took me two days to have the time to sit down to write about it.  

First was parent practicum. Three days of learning and fellowship with other great homeschool families. Ivy volunteered by helping out with the younger children. 

Of course life is never that simple is it?  As we were in the midst of practicum busyness, the Husband was in the midst of major car repair.  One car was planned because he took all three days off from work.  The other car was not. My brakes decided they did not want to work, scary. But to find the silver lining, the Husband took the time to teach Ivy how to change the brake pads. 

Then Saturday we got to see our youngest nephew in a fun, cool production put on by our local players guild just for kids. He played the Fantastic Flex, a super strong, super hero.  That mustache slays me. 

 And lastly but certainly least we got to witness Dan's Aunt and Uncle renew their vows.  It was nice that we got to catch up with family we haven't seen for a while....and eat onions with Liam. 



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