Friday, May 22, 2015


My week was hijacked by a moment.  That was all it took for the Little Dude to tumble down the last few risers of our staircase.  It didn't swell up and he could wiggle all his joints, so surely the arm was not broken.  He went on with the rest of his day, favoring it a bit but otherwise just fine.  The next morning when he woke up it was swollen and hurt so I took him into the doctor, who immediately sent him for x-rays and sure enough he broke both bones in his forearm.  He got a splint from his pediatrician then a cast from the orthopedic doctor who says he will probably be in a cast for 6 weeks, but needs to see him again for x-rays in 2 weeks to be sure it is healing properly.  Looks like a water free summer for the Little Dude.  Oh and I need to go shopping for more button down shirts.

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