Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 2015 Week 2

I though I'd do a Five on Friday Saturday oh well.

5 Random Observances from this week

1  It is cold.  Not coincidentally, we drank a lot of hot tea this week.

2. The smallest whale is the dwarf sperm whale measuring about 8 feet (or one Zippy and her hat).

3. It takes considerably longer to pack a teen than it takes to pack a child. After several hours and a trip to Meijer where I could not remember which brand of shampoo she prefers (thank God for technology so I could text her a picture and she could confirm the correct brand),  we got her on her way to Winter Retreat.

4. The Little Dude really wants to go bowling with his preschool class at the end of the month.  I had to put a special date on the calendar so he would stop asking every time we leave the house if we are going bowling.  I will take pictures, it will be interesting.

5. I turn 40 in one week.  I am determined to use all the free food coupons and deals I can get away with this week.

Buddy's Pizza - a free 4 square cheese pizza


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