Thursday, June 5, 2014

Classical Conversations Parent Practicum and zoo trip

One of the really lovely things about Classical Conversations is the community.  This past week I got to experience that lovely community at the Parent Practicum.  These are free, three day events designed to equip, encourage and educate parents about classical education.  I had to travel a bit to get to one that had the particular training I needed as a new Challenge A directior. (So excited about doing this!)  We ended up in Columbus, Ohio, because I had family that I could stay with.  The Hubby and the kiddos came with me and we made a mini-vacation of it (sort of).

Zippy went to "camp" at the practicum. (She told me it was not real camp because there was not a tent or campfire.) She got a taste of the kind of writing she will be doing next year.  Day 2 she spent with the Little Dude and her Dad at the great Columbus Zoo and aquarium.

This year's theme for practicum was "Cultivating the Conversation, The Art of Rhetoric".  While I learned about the art of rhetoric and gained a greater understanding of that topic, practicum is just as much about the conversations that happen outside the auditorium.  Here are some of the great things I took away from this event.

Copiousness - we need to teach from a place of abundance

You can't pour anything out of an empty pot.

Teach from a place of rest. 

Not anxiety. 

We have to tackle the hard 

to get to the good 

And lastly the shared this YouTube video.  It really made me think, so I wanted to share it with you:

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