Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Round up - with a science field trip

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The Field Trip

One of the things I really appreciate about being involved with Classical Conversations this year is the community of people.  This Tuesday past a group of us went to Cranbrook Institute of Science.  Field trips add a dimension to learning that can't be gained with just books and paper.  I had never been to Cranbrook before and I would recommend it as a field trip for homeschoolers.

We experienced a planetarium show, this was the main focus as we are heading into a section on astronomy, and explored the traveling exhibit of dinosaurs.  A lot of what I know about dinosaurs comes from the PBS show Dinosaur Train.  I felt fairly educated, recognizing lots of the names as we walked through the exhibit.  We also checked out the regular exhibits.  The mineral display was rocking! (I really could not resist the pun).  It is not a big museum, but they pack a lot into a small space.

We found one of our favorite things directly after the planetarium show.  It is a model of the solar system with all the planets and moons made with gears and clockwork.  Around the outside is a clear plastic sphere with some of the constellations on it.  When one pushed a button, the planets and moons would revolve and rotate.


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  1. We studied dinosaurs last week and would have loved to head to a museum! I really need to plan a trip soon. It looks like a great day :)

  2. I also learned many of my dinosaur names from Dinosaur Train :-) It looks like you guys had a great trip.

  3. That model of the solar system looks great! We need to go to our Science museum again...

  4. What fun Holly! We love going to museums! as well!

  5. How fun! We went to a space museum this last week with our CC group. Love the community and all the learning my children are doing.

  6. Museums are great places to go. :)

    Annette @ a net in time


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