Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Round Up with autumn colors

Our week in words and pictures.

Some of these pictures were taken with Instagram.  I love Instagram. You can follow me, I'm hollyoshesky

Here is what I know about poison ivy: it is a green ivy with three or is it five jagged leaves that turns a bright red in the fall.  I also know that the last time my skin encountered this lovely plant it turned into a nasty, boiling rash that took two trips to the doctor and two Cortisone shots to get rid of.  I avoid it like the plague.  Actually I avoid any viney, jagged leafy looking plants because the sad truth is I could not pick a poison ivy plant out of a line up.  This is not it:

After a long consultation with my husband and his mom we decided that this was Virginia creeper not poison ivy.  However a small plant with just two bunches of leaves right next to the telephone pole in the far corner of my yard is.  Henceforth that corner will be known as the corner of death, because nothing will grow there, especially poison ivy. 

Zippy did an experiment this week in her new Apologia Chemistry Physics book {review coming soon}.  To prepare she had to put food coloring into water, the photographer in me could not resist taking some pictures:

I love this picture.  It reminds me of a picture I took long, long ago of my brother.

Zippy and I took a little nature walk on Monday after Classical Conversations at a local park.  Hines Drive runs along the length of the Rouge River and is actually a flood plain that has been turned into one very long park.  

We saw a woolly worm or as the Farmer's Almanac calls them a woolly bear caterpillar.  What kind of weather is this little guy predicting for this winter? 

We also saw a whole family of swans

Of course we saw some autumn colors

A couple of other things.  Zippy got her joining badge at her American Heritage Girls meeting this week.  And the Little Dude had his speech evaluated.  The short version is that his speech is very impaired.  I expect there will be blog posts on this in the future. 

That was our week.  How was yours?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 


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