Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Preschool Round Up with the Letter L and Llamas

Preschool At Home Round Up @ Possibilities And Peas
This is our very first preschool round up, the collection of all the great things we are doing at our preschool at home this week.  Each week we have a theme, a focus letter and a book.  Sometimes the activities go with, sometimes they don't.  I like having something to structure our days.

I do a blended preschool with the Little Dude with him at a preschool 2 days a week and at home 3 days a week.

Each day we have a letter, math and fine motor activity, as well as story time.  Sometimes we do gross motor, science, music, art or a field trip as well.

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week 1 animals letter L

Book List:

Many, many of my activities come from other fabulously talented people out there in the interwebs.  I do try to give credit where credit is do.  I find many ideas on Pinterest.  Follow me if you want some great ideas too.

Letter L Activities:

  • Used stickers to fill in the Letter L from Quality Kids Crafts.com (I use these a lot) 

  • We also started our very own alphabet wall using the template letters from Kinder-Craze.  Ours is not nearly as nice, but I want the Little Dude to recognize letters out of order, so ours is just where he decides to put the letters on our stair well wall.  I'll get a picture up when we have a few more letters.  

Math Activities:

Fine Motor Activities:

  • I filled a shallow try with a layer of baking soda.  Then I added food coloring to small cups of white vinegar.  Little Dude then squeezed the vinegar onto the baking soda that fizzed and bubbled to everyone's delight. Sister was diligently working on her work but the baking soda was just too much fun to not get involved in. So we had some fun family times as well.  

  • I made some scissor strips from colored paper to help the Little Dude practice his cutting skills.  Then he glued them onto a piece of white paper to make a beautiful collage.  Here is one of those funny things.  I obviously take pictures while my children are working.  The Little Dude picked up on this and now he has to take pictures of his finished work with the iPod. 

  • He also had some great fun with his Fundanoodle Mats (there will be a review later). 

Field Trip:

We also went to the Detroit Zoo to try out my new zoo scavenger hunt sheet.  It was a great success and both of the kids had a great time. 

That was our week.  What did you do this week with your preschool aged child/children?  Let me know in the comments.  I love comments.  Starting next week we will also have a linky right here on Saturday, so check back.

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