Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seventh Grade {The Plan}

With all the schools and homeschools starting up I feel like I'm a little late with this post.  It took all summer to finalize plans, figure out books and curriculum.  Last year was our first full year and we both learned a lot. This year is bringing some significant changes.

The first big change is  Classical Conversations.  I am super excited about this opportunity for Zippy.  She is going to take both Foundations and Essentials.  She is technically a year past the end of these two programs but I believe that is just what she needs to completely catch up, especially with writing.  I am grateful that our campus is allowing her to do this. My goal and expectation is that she will be ready to do eighth grade work at the end of this school year. 

I've always been drawn to a Christian Classical education, but felt it was a bit daunting for Zippy with her distractabiltiy.  So many of the things that I've seen are right up her alley like using songs to memorize information.  So many of the pedagogical ideas really fit into my idea of what education should be.  

The second big change is I am getting a job.  I hoped this would already be done, but, alas I am still in training for just a little while more.  When the job happens schedules will be massaged.  My plan is definitely not set in stone.

Spelling:  All About Spelling - Zippy is up to book 4, I would like to be done with all 6 by the end of this year.  As I've said before this program has been the single most significant thing in remediating Zippy education.  

Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing, Style and Structure and History Based Writing Lessons.

Math: Saxon 7/6

Science: Apoligia Astronomy

Social Studies:  Using the Classical Conversations as a spine, Zippy is using The Story of the World as a text and filling in timeline and geography from the Classical Conversations memorization work.

Music, Art and PE: There is some music and art in the Classical Conversations, and we will fit it in  as we can.

I will also continue my reviews for the TOS Review Crew at least through December, so we will fit that in as well

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