Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with sparklers

I found a great new app called Collect.  It is a photo journal meant to capture one picture a day.  The best part is that it presents the photos in a calendar format, oh and did I mention, it is FREE.  I've tried most days to capture at least one photo per day, usually on my phone.  This app gives me a little reminder at the end of the day to take a pic or at least upload one into the app.  I like it.

Almost all the pictures in this post were taken with Instagram.  I love Instagram.  Follow me to see more great pics. I'm hollyoshesky.

This Week:

Sunday we spent a few hours at the Zoo.  The kiddos took along with them a scavenger hunt and put stickers by each animal they saw.  Little Dude was excited to put the stickers.  It helped him to be less bored.  

We started back doing some light homeschooling the week.  Little Dude is doing pre-school stuff, counting, alphabet, calender and doing better than I expected.  It is making me re-think sending him back to pre-school in the fall. 

Zippy also started a fabulous American History curriculum.  Seriously, where was this last year when I was looking for a great American History book?  

We took a nature walk.  Zippy spotted this ladybug.  We walked our way down to the playground where we had to take cover from the rain in the play structure.  Zippy carried the Little Dude home in an effort to go a little faster before the rain started again.  

And of course yesterday was The Fourth of July.  We did not do a whole lot for the holiday, but we did break out the sparklers.  What is an Independence Day without John Sousa, BBQ, and sparklers? 

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  1. Sparklers are so fun! We didn't get to see fireworks this year - got rained out - but the kids enjoyed glow sticks.

    I've heard good things about Notgrass!

  2. I love your sparklers! We had rain all day on the fourth, and our town put our fireworks off until Labor Day. I look forward to seeing the fireworks then :-)

  3. I think I'll have to look into that app. How nice to be able to create a photo journal. I bet there are all sorts of ways to use it to teach as well! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have to say I have not yet heard of that app, thanks for sharing and will definitely look into it!

  5. Holly,
    I think I will have to make room for that app. I am notoriously bad at capturing and cataloging memorable moments and my little's daddy is an OTR trucker who misses her terribly and feels how much he's missing out on her life while he's on the road. Thanks for sharing.


  6. HOlly - great shots! I am not the best at phototaking on my phone... 8( that app sounds good though!

    Enjoy the week!

  7. I love all your photos. Such joy in them. I have been wanting to go to the zoo. Love the ladybug and all the fun kid photos. What a great week.

  8. great sparkler pics!!!

    Stopping by from Insta-Friday. My first link up and I love it! I think I just may be back every week!

    Love, Traci Michele


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