Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekly Play List

The Summer Plan

I am excited that we are starting up with some structured school activities.  We took the month of June off mostly because I needed a mental break.  I did too many teaching things last year and I definitely felt the effects of it.  I can tell it is time for the kids to have a little school in their life.  They are bickering more and are just plain bored of just sitting around doing nothing.   

I am {flexibly} scheduling three hours a day.  Both children will have structured and unstructured time.  There will be a circle time and outdoor play.  

The Little Dude will be working on letter recognition, counting, and fine motor practice (especially scissors) with lots of time for free play and reading with Mom.

Zippy will be playing with math, practicing focus, integrity, and tact, doing some nature study and reviewing a history curriculum. 

This Week We are Playing with:

Numbers: Squirt the number.   This is for both children.  I am arming my little one with watering cans.  Writing numbers on the driveway in sidewalk chalk.  The little one will have to water the number (number recognition).  This big one will have to water the product or sum of a problem (math). 

Lions and Tigers : Focusing on the letter L we are going to color lions, feed lions some alphabet letters, maybe even visit some lions.

What are you playing with this week? What is your plan for the rest of summer?  I'd love to know.  Leave a comment and share your plans. 

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