Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Round - Up

Wow it is Friday already.  Nothing special happened this week.  So just a few pictures to sum the week up.

We got a great big box a couple of weeks ago.  Little Dude is still have lots of fun with it!  I found the stickers while cleaning and he wasted no time in decorating his newest "toy".

Right, so the insurance company makes us take healthy steps to improve our weight.  For the last two years the hubs and I have tried Weight Watchers.  It didn't work.  So we switched over to the pedometer.  We have to walk every day then periodically we upload our steps into the computer.  This is not a big health change for us.  The hubs gets over and above the required amount every day just by going to work and doing his job.  I just have to remember to put it on every day.

Gratuitous picture of play...

 So how was your week?

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