Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Round - Up - The one with pickles

Wow it has been a long time since I rounded up the things of the week and shared them here on the blog.

Monday and Tuesday was Winter Break for the Little Dude's Pre-School. So he was in attendance at home.  That means I came up with some fun boredom busters for him to do while big sis did school. The one activity that he really enjoyed and kept asking for was the animals and plastic bowls.  We also had hole punching which was ok and a homemade flannel graph  which the Little Dude didn't care for at all

punching out stars

Zippy is finally hitting her stride.  I changed up how we were doing things {again}.  I made assignments shorter, but more of them.  For instance, before we were doing about an hour of Science. By the time we were done, though she was gone mentally. Now we are a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon, with better focus for both.  She is much happier too. I've really tried to understand her learning style and her ADHD issues.

We delved into All About Spelling book three this week.  Seriously, there are not enough good things I can say about this program.  Spelling is opening up the doorway to so many things in the English language for Zippy.  Understanding how the letters work together, knowing the rules of spelling has given her control over her own reading and writing.

We also started a new book for review:  The Art of Poetry.  We just dipped our toes into this new book, but so far I am pleased.

I also changed up math a little bit.  While I liked the Time 4 Learning Math, Zippy was struggling more than she should.  I believe the issue is with test taking skills not with math skills.  So I am taking a more unconventional  approach, using A Beka for scope, sequence and some practice, but also including lots of hands on activities, notebooking and games. I am hoping that if she see math from a different view she can get it - especially fractions.

Oh yeah, and the Little Dude's favorite food right now: pickles.

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  1. The poetry book sounds good!

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  2. My teen uses Art of Poetry and I LOVE it! The mp3 recordings of the poems really help too!

  3. Does he like homemade pickles? We are a pickle eating bunch over here.

  4. My DD has ADHD, dyslexia, and CAPD. She used Time4Learning for many years and did well with it. We did also supplement math with Teaching Textbooks, which she also liked.

    As for the ADHD part, I didn't have her do every subject every day. For example, Monday: Language Extensions, Science, and Math. Tuesday: History, Art, Math, and electives. Wednesday: Math, Language, electives. Thursday: Language Extensions, History, Art. Friday: Math, Language, Science, and electives.

    She was allowed to break the subjects into manageable pieces throughout the day. Her focus was much better this way. Any time we tried to forge through anything at one sitting, we both lost.

    She is in high school now; wish T4L went through 12th. :)

    Glad you are finding your stride.



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