Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Round Up - with drum lessons

Well this week was the first full week of everything, and I have to say it worked out pretty good.  Zippy is responding to the more "bite-sized" learning that this new program provides.

In addition to all the great reading, writing and arithmetic going on Zippy started drum lessons this week.  She is super-duper excited. The only possible problem is there is a Krispy Kreme donuts right down the street.

Little Dude is happy to be back in pre-school.  And speaking of school, I am wrestling with the big question of whether or not to homeschool the Little Guy.  To help me make a more informed decision we are going to try out a little tot school in the afternoon.

Photos taken with InstaGram.  I love InstaGram.  Follow me!  I'm hollyoshesky.

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