Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Lesson Plan

Here is my Lesson Plan for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I wanted to do something different, but still make the day educational.  (However I totally forgot that the Little Dude has a doctor appointment, so it would be a family day anyway and we did our lessons on Sat. - that's why I love homeschooling, flexibility)

Watch a short, but informative video from Brain Pop Jr on Martin Luther King Jr. (it is free right now).

Then we went to The Henry Ford to visit the Rosa Parks bus.  (If you live in the Detroit Metro Area, you may want to take advantage of the free admission on Monday, January 21, 2013)

Then I had Zippy listen to the "I Have a Dream Speech"  After she listened I had her fill out a MLK Close worksheet - for comprehension.

And Lastly I had her write and draw what what Martin Luther King Jr. life and words mean to her (using the picture book Martin's Big Words as an aide to memory)

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